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Our specialists will walk you through, step by step. Creating the design in your head and then putting it on paper


While your design is being built, we will schedule times for you to visit the site and check out the process of your future home!

Payment Plan

We will help you create a payment plan in increments that covers the costs of your new build and comfortably fits into your current lifestyle


  • Leisure areas (Sauna, Pool, Jacuzzi)

  • Sports Court (Tennis, Squash, Basketball) - Installation of your choice of custom sports area in your home

  • Custom Driveways (Heated, Outdoor Lighting) + Custom Garage (Underground + Levels)

  • Custom Landscaping (Including Fountains)

  • Custom gates with built in security system

  • Custom Decks/Patios

  • Custom Sound System built into entire house (Sonos)


While we have a great passion for illustration and textile design, we thrive on problem solving and working with clients to seek out the best possible design solution for their needs. Whether it be custom pools/jacuzzi’s, custom ceiling design, stairs, windows, doors or light fixures. We have you covered.

“I always had an idea in my head of what I wanted our home to look like but I had a hard time putting it on paper because I am not an architect nor do I know how to do any of that. I could also never find a picture of exactly what we wanted that was already done. I sat down with one of the architects at Armex and described to the best of my ability what we were looking for and to my surprise, shortly after we had created a sketch of what was stuck in my head for years! I highly recommend Armex Homes, I always refer my family and friends to them because they really take pride in building with integrity and that means so much now-a-days!” -Kim Manzika

It is so important for us to have our clients with us step by step along the way of the creation of their new home. There is something special about seeing the project go up from the ground up, that is why we ensure that you will be a part of the journey by planning scheduled on site meetings that keep you updated with the progess of your future home.