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In 2010, Franco Acosta saw an opportunity in the home building industry. He was interested in creating unique quality homes for people in an industry over-saturated with cut and paste,  cookie cutter homes. Your home is a reflection of you.

Every Armex Home has been designed with Feng Shui in mind. Mr. Acosta was inspired to build homes following an incident that occurred on a job site when he started in the home building industry as a carpenter. 

Mild winds were the culprit of a disaster that occurred where homes had toppled over due to the negligence of a third party developer by using inferior building materials in order to save substantial costs.

We at Armex Homes, firmly believes that when building your home, care and meticulous attention to detail must be paid. That is why at Armex, we build homes with integrity.


“Armex Homes, Building with Integrity”